Bespoke shutters, made-to-measure for any window or door frame.

Why Shutters?

They’re not just for décor, they are a massive investment to your home. We are not saying they will add value but will definitely give people that WOW factor when they walk into your home, so a great selling point.

They act as a secondary glazing to your window, adding that extra layer of insulation for warmth in the winter whilst cooling your home in the summer, with the operation of adjustable louvres allowing air to flow through. On top of this, they are great for reducing external noise.

Shutter Materials

Our made to order Solid Wood Plantation Shutters are the ultimate window solution, offering that elegant look and sophisticated finish to any door or window. They’re so many different colours to choose from, definitely a colour to suit everyone’s taste. Ideal for larger windows or bi-folding doors.

Louvre Sizes: 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm

Operational Options: Central Tilt, Off-set Tilt, Invisible Tilt and Hidden Tilt

All Solid Wood Shutters are covered with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

Our made to order Polyvinyl Plantation Shutters offer a less expensive option to our solid wood shutters but with a similar look. Available in 9 different colours. These durable shutters are crafted from HS PVC and ideal for any room in your home, especially areas with high moisture. NOT suitable for larger windows or bi-folding doors.

Louvre sizes available: 63mm, 76mm & 89mm

Operational Options: Central Tilt, Off-set Tilt and Hidden Tilt

All Polyvinyl Shutters are covered with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

What style of shutter will compliment your home?

If you’re struggling to choose the right shutter for your window, then just ask yourself a few questions; Is it the look you’re after, or more of a privacy issue? Is it controlling the amount of light to flow in, or a secondary glazing solution that you’re after?

Whatever your priorities are, our experienced team will be able to assist you and find the best solutions for your windows.

Café Style Shutters

Café Style Shutters are designed to cover only the lower section of your windows. These are the perfect solution if you have old sash style windows, this style of shutter will give you privacy from passers by but will allow more natural daylight to stream in through the top.

Some customers choose either a Roller blind or Roman blind to be installed above the shutter which will allow you to control the light during the day and also give you privacy in the evening.

Tier on Tier Shutters

These shutters again, are most suitable to the old Victorian style sash windows, their design allows you to open the top shutter panels independently from the bottom ones.

When considering this style of shutter you have to take into account how many panels you want. Remembering that your panels would bi-fold to the sides when opened fully. So, what you would want is bigger recesses allowing your panels to fold back with-out protruding out into the room.

Or, you have them fitted away from the window allowing all panels to fold back onto the internal walls.

Tier on tier shutters are the ideal choice if you are going to open the top panels on a daily basis. If you weren’t going to open up the top panels regularly, then maybe look at an alternative option…..Full Height Shutters.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are probably the most common of shutters on the market, this timeless shutter is ideal for any style of window, the benefit of our Full Height shutters is that you can still have the privacy option at the bottom but also allowing light to filter in the top if you have a divider rail fitted to the panel. Divider rails are fixed to the panel and can be positioned at various heights, on doors we try and always position the rail, central to the door handle. Or, if your window has a horizontal piece going across, we would line the divider rail in line with this.

A less expensive option to Tier On Tier but with similar benefits.

Full Height Shutters (Bi-Fold) can be used in larger windows and patio doors, the only issue would be the length of the opening as we only recommend a maximum of 3 panels connected to each other (Concertina) either side, so 3 panels opening to the left and 3 panels opening to the right.

Otherwise, for larger areas we would recommend our Track System Shutters.

Track System Shutters (Glide System)

Track system shutters are great for floor to ceiling windows/doors that require more than the recommended amount of panels. Mostly, used to compliment large bi-folding doors where shading solutions are more difficult.

We have used the Glide System in the past to create room dividers, wardrobe doors and even as walk in wardrobe options for some of our clients. The panels glide open and closed on a small slim-line track which enables the panels to slide with ease.

Interest Free Credit

We understand that costs on your home can stack up, that’s why we offer interest free credit. 

You can spread the cost of your installation and goods across 2 years (interest free) via our partners, Cherry Godfrey. 

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